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Is In-House Label Printing Right for Your Business?

Is In-House Label Printing Right for Your Business?

The very fact that you are reading this article is a pretty good sign that you would benefit from in-house labeling. There are many reasons to bring label printing and production in-house.

Consider these 5 questions to determine if in-house labeling is the right solution for your business:

1. Does your workplace house unused labels?

Look around your office or storage closets. Are you holding onto excess, obsolete pre-printed labels? Many businesses find their workplaces stuffed to the brim with labels they were forced to order because of the mandatory run sizes required of their commercial printers, when only a small amount was needed, or they became irrelevant soon after their arrival.

How does in-house printing help?

With in-house printing, businesses reclaim their storage spaces and budgets, printing only the labels they need when they need them. Printing a single label at a time is no longer just a pipe dream. Bring your label production and printing in-house, and you’ll never have to print one label more than is needed – ever. Run sizes are entirely customizable, and being in-house, you control how and when you print.

2. Have you ever been frustrated by your creative limitations?

Too often, we hear about companies who send their creative assets off to a commercial printer, only to learn an edit is desired, variable data is needed, or a small custom batch is required. It is a tale as old as time (or as old as digital printing). The amount of time, money, and effort wasted due to relinquishing control of one’s creativity could make us weep.

How does in-house printing help?

When label production and printing are in-house, creative control is yours and yours alone. Update your label with a new announcement, customize labels for limited runs, or transform your designs for the holidays. If you dream it, you can now print it – any amount of it.

3. Is adherence to regulatory compliance vital to you?

Depending on your industry, compliance and regulatory details may change overnight. How are you ensuring your labels reflect up-to-the-minute information? If you are currently unable to, you may be missing out on valuable revenue opportunities. It is better to implement changes late than never. Still, we hear from many companies who say they wish they had integrated a flexible solution earlier once they realize the business impact it has.

How does in-house printing help?

In-house printing provides the freedom and flexibility to print what you want when you need it – an especially valuable feature when compliance requires frequent label design changes. Our customers know that edits need not equate to wasted pre-printed labels and money or extensive production time. New labels are printed immediately when a compliance issue arises, with no downtime or additional costs required.

4. Have delayed labels due to production or shipping cost your business?

Shipping delays and materials shortages are a reality most businesses are forced to live with right now, unfortunately. But outsourcing your label printing invites delays and logistical issues – not to mention lost revenue – that are simply unnecessary and avoidable. What if instead of waiting four weeks to receive an order of labels, you could now print and have them at your fingertips in a matter of minutes? When so much is outside our control, label printing control is within reach.

How does in-house labeling help?

With in-house printing, you’ll never suffer from lost revenue potential due to shipping or delays ever again. While implementing an in-house solution requires an upfront investment, the long-term return is undeniable. Faster, more accurate printing capabilities means more product and shipments out your door and more money on your bottom line.

5. Does product demand forecasting or SKU proliferation give you a headache?

We all know that proper demand forecasting leads to more accurate budgeting, pricing strategy development, inventory management, and more. Often, just one issue can cause even the best plans to go awry. We’ve seen this most recently with the effects of the global pandemic, the reverberations of which will be felt for quite some time.

How does in-house labeling help?

When the need for new or unexpected SKUs and projects arises, companies with in-house label printing capabilities are more often able to meet and fulfill demands and, ultimately, pivot their plans with more agility. Today, companies are printing labels in-house, giving them the flexibility needed to shift with unexpected demands and to reduce their initial bulk buys, ultimately lowering costs all around.

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, your company would likely benefit from an in-house label printing solution. A variety of solutions are available today, ranging in price and capabilities, designed to fit the needs of any industry or application.

Speak with an expert today to learn how in-house labeling could benefit your business.

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