We are happy to announce our technical training schedule!

AstroNova Technical Training Schedule 2024

AstroNova Technical Training Schedule 2024

Download our training schedule here.

We are happy to announce our technical training schedule for the second half of 2024. We are now conducting refresher trainings via webinar. The refresher webinar recaps the most important points from the beginner training and includes tips and tricks as well as news and updates.

Please Note:

  • Basic trainings will only occur if we have a minimum of 3 attendees (Maximum 10 attendees). This comprehensive beginner training is offered at our local offices in France and Germany.
  • Refresher training will be held via a 1-hour webinar for the QL-120 and QL-300 and as a 2-hour webinar for the T2-C and T3-OPX. You will receive the meeting invitation separately before the webinar begins.
  • We offer training for the LF-Series (LF-100 and LF-200) as an individual 2-hour remote session upon request. Contact us for further information.

Please call or email if you have any questions.

Contact info:
German Office:
+49 6074 31025 – 00
Waldstraße 70
D–63128 Dietzenbach, Germany

French Office:
+33 0 1348 209 00
10A Rue Blaise Pascal, 78990 Elancourt