Print from the quantity of one

The Perfect Direct-to-Packaging Printing


The Perfect Direct-to-Packaging Solution (UK)

The T3-OPX from AstroNova is a best-in-class post-printer designed to print on various substrates, supporting the current trends in sustainable packaging. The T3-OPX Direct-to-Packaging Printing Solution allows to print digital high-resolution colour images directly onto a broad range of products, including cardboard, postcards, boxes, paper or fabric bags, wooden planks, or thicker objects like blister envelopes, cases, or folded boxes ready for shipment. As an additional advantage, these materials require no pre-treatment.

With the superior durability and optimized water resistance, lightfastness, and scratch resistance, the T3-OPX offers to print Direct-to-Packaging Printing from the quantity of one.

The T3-OPX allows for desired smaller, individualized print runs, and packaging manufacturers can now act quickly to market, providing rapid fulfillment, all with sustainability in mind.

The T3-OPX combines the benefits of digital CMYK printing with flexibility, accelerated time to market, and waste reduction without compromising print quality. It’ll help our customers create new business opportunities and provide advanced, competitive advantages.

With the addition of the T3-OPX comes a new versatile solution for commercial printers, custom retail packagers, print shops, manufacturers, contract packaging solutions, and secondary logistics partners.

AstroNova will be exhibiting the T3-OPX at the Packaging Innovation & Empack trade show in Birmingham, May 25-26. Stop by hall 1, booth C70, for a live demonstration and more information.