Labelling solution for horticulture

High resistance to UV light, chemicals and moisture


Horticulture Labeling Solutions (UK)

When it comes to horticultural labelling, the right materials and printing solutions are of utmost importance. From maintaining a complicated nursery with a variety of plants to fertiliser labels or stickers on fruit, durable, accurate and legible labels are essential.

AstroNova’s high quality labels are great for indoor and outdoor plant, herb bed, pot, box, shelf and garden accessory labelling. In addition, you can produce your own plant stakes with AstroNova’s label printer. Of course we also offer the right material.

We support you with our in-house after-sales service

AstroNova supports you in the production of your own horticulture labels in your own company. “Everything from one source“. From hardware, technical support, personal contact and consumables, AstroNova is a reliable partner with his own after-sales service. Our label printers are programmed in such a way that you can start printing labels straight away without the need for extensive training.

Download this useful infographic to find the right printer technology and label material for your application.

For regional and individual requirements, please contact your local AstroNova sales representative.