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Nutraceutical Product Labelling (UK)

See why many in the nutraceutical industry are turning to in-house printing solutions. Labeling Solutions for the Most Stringent FDA Regulations.

Many businesses in the nutraceutical industry have opted to bring their labeling in-house to stay compliant with FDA and take control of the labeling process, effectively avoiding costly mistakes and eliminating wasted inventory on pre-printed labels.

Here are some of the reasons many businesses are turning to AstroNova’s advanced printing technology:

Allows for easy compliance with the FDA’s label content and print regulations

Effortlessly create barcodes, lot numbers, expiration dates, and other necessary variable data

Produce supplement labels that are accurate, concise, and durable enough to withstand the demands of everyday use

Allows for last-stage FDA regulation changes, eliminating excess, pre-printed inventory and providing less waste and reduced costs

Provides adequate abrasion resistance, moisture, and chemical resistance, ensuring high-quality readability

How can AstroNova help with the FDA’s new regulations?
With the desktop inkjet label printer, labels are printed instantly, and label changes can be made easily through our easy-to-use Custom labeling software, allowing you to conveniently change your label designs without having to pre-order entirely new labels for your products. The desktop inkjet label printer will not only save you time and energy ordering new labels, but it’s also going to be less expensive than other label printing options. You are independent and react immediately to changes in the law.

Perfectly paired components in one solution for FDA complient
AstroNova supports you with professional label printers, label materials, software, technical service & support, and personal local sales representatives in many countries.

Download this infographic browse AstroNova’s printing technologies and determine which labeling solution, designed to comply with even the most stringent FDA regulations, is right for your products. For regional requirements please contact your local sales representative of AstroNova.