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6 Label Materials to Stand Out in CBD & Cannabis Market

Good packaging is crucial in the CBD and cannabis industry to individualize products and demonstrate quality to customers. In a tough market, make sure your packaging is unique and grabs the attention of potential customers. Packaging should be clear, concise, and eye-catching to get above competition.

Choosing the right label printer materials is important for how people see your brand, a decision to think about. Here are five common materials that cannabis companies use to make their brand stand out in a competitive market.

For the QL-300 Toner Label Printer:

Hemp Paper (Material 264):

Why Cannabis Companies Love It: Your customers will appreciate this eco-friendly option. It symbolizes sustainability and natural wellness. These values are significant in the CBD and cannabis industry. This product contains 25% hemp pulp and 75% recycled paper, attracting eco-friendly shoppers.

Stand Out Tip: Embrace the organic appeal by using earthy tones and botanical motifs into your label design. Highlight your commitment to sustainability to connect with eco-conscious consumers

Gloss Silver Polypropylene (Material 284):

Why Cannabis Companies Love It: Silver polypropylene makes your product look luxurious and sophisticated, standing out from the competition. Its moisture and UV resistance ensure your labels maintain their allure even in challenging environments.

Stand Out Tip: Use the reflective surface to create eye-catching designs that capture attention from afar. Consider embossing or spot UV effects to add tactile and visual interest to your labels.

Clear Polypropylene (Material 282):

Why Cannabis Companies Love It: Clear polypropylene looks modern and lets the natural beauty of your product show. Its durability and resistance to moisture, humidity, and UV make it ideal for showcasing your premium offerings.

Stand Out Tip: Opt for simplistic designs that let the clarity of the material speak for itself. Experiment with translucent elements or gradient effects to create a captivating visual impact.

For the QL-120D Dye Inkjet Printers:

Satin Polypropylene (Material 198):

Why Cannabis Companies Love It: With its smooth surface, satin polypropylene is great for printing high-quality photos. Its durability and resistance to moisture and solvents ensure your labels maintain their integrity in various conditions.

Stand Out Tip: Utilize the satin finish to enhance the richness and depth of your brand imagery. Incorporate bold colors and intricate details to create labels that leave a lasting impression.

Gloss Polypropylene (Material 172):

Why Cannabis Companies Love It: With its high-gloss finish, gloss polypropylene offers vibrant color reproduction and excellent durability. Perfect for printing photographic images that pop, while its moisture resistance ensures longevity.

Stand Out Tip: Leverage the glossy surface to create visually striking labels that command attention. Consider using holographic or metallic foils to add a touch of glamour to your packaging.

Economy High Gloss Silver Polypropylene (Material #2012)

Why Cannabis Companies Love It: This unique label material offers a high gloss silver finish, providing a metallic look to your product packaging. It is compatible with dye and pigment-based inkjet inks. ensures excellent print quality, allowing your artwork to shine.

Stand Out Tip: Utilize the metallic look to create labels that exude sophistication and premium quality. Experiment with vibrant colors and intricate designs to make your product stand out on the shelves.

Materials Matter

In a competitive market, it’s important to use high-quality labels for your brand to stand out. This will make your brand look better than others. Choose between eco-friendly hemp paper or luxurious gloss silver polypropylene for your products. Each material has its own benefits to make your products stand out on the shelves. Use materials wisely to create labels that appeal to your target customers and demonstrate high quality. This can help build loyalty and success in the CBD and cannabis industry.

For CBD products, it’s crucial to use label materials specifically designed for this industry. Luckily, AstroNova’s GetLabels division has the widest variety of material options. GetLabels has a wide range of label materials available. These include narrow, eye-catching, glossy, matte, durable, oil-resistant, and eco-friendly options. Some eco-friendly options use hemp or grass paper.

GetLabels understands the importance of your materials meeting your needs and standing out on shelves in a competitive industry. You can achieve this by personalizing your products. Our Media Specialists can help you find the right materials. Use our online finder to browse and choose what you need.


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