See why our customers in every industry are so satisfied with their label printers, software and custom printed labels.

Lakrids by Bülow
"Packaging is everything. The QL-300 has this extra white that we needed to have the right background on our labels"
"Now we can do everything in one run, so we can print, die-cut, and roll it up so we're ready for labeling."
Weingut Schäfer-Zimmermann
"It is the only printer that can print in white and we have a lot of dark labels, even black ones, so that white is very useful for emphasizing the colors."
Domaine De Baudry
"The QL-300 allows us in small quantities and in a flexible way, to make rolls and adapt them to our automatic labelers."
Label One
"The QL-300 puts us into a position where, on-demand, we can print high-quality labels and get them out to the customer the same day."
Dry County Brewing Company
"We’re able to label seasonal beers, very small quantity beers, and even specialty beers without worrying about minimum order quantities."
Stanley Black & Decker
"From what we were getting when we printed our previous labels to what we’re printing now – I was just blown away."
Jody’s Popcorn
"The Kiaro! printer has saved Jody’s time and production. We can literally have somebody walk into the printing area and turn it around in 10-15 minutes."
Browndog Creamery
"The Kiaro! has been a wonderful fit with our business to allow us to make these very small run labels and customize them to everything that we needed to do."
Doc’s Tea
"We don’t have to spend so much money going out to the big labeling companies – we can print them out as we need them and save some time and also save some money."
"I first looked at purchasing the Kiaro! because we developed so many new products every day and it just doesn’t make sense for me to develop a product, create a label and have it printed elsewhere."
CJ’s Unique Boutique
"The Kiaro! is a cost-effective, time-saving label printer. It creates excellent quality labels for our packaging, and I couldn’t be happier."
Key Surgical
"We’re able to purchase smaller quantities more frequently rather than storing them on site with the possibility of damage and waste. The Kiaro! has been a huge asset to our production productivity and efficiency."
Eastern Shore Tea Company
"Since we installed the Kiaro! our tea sales have increased an average of about 40%... We haven’t changed anything – except the label quality."
Quick Fitting
"It allows us a flexibility we didn’t have in the past... With the Kiaro! we just simply walk over to the unit and print out some more labels."
O&H Danish Bakery
"Going to the Kiaro! printer that is able to make a label only as we need it and reduce our wasted inventory – it just makes more sense."
Dave’s Marketplace
"You put a label on an item; it makes a difference in how it sells. The speed of the machine is very impressive. I wouldn’t want to give it up."
Ortho Development
"Our customers are looking for a label that is clear and well defined… We took on the Kiaro! label printer and found that it printed our labels perfectly."
Canada E-Juice
"We use the Kiaro! to print every single label that we have: our fruits, our tobaccos, our drinks. They’re easy to print, quick to print, and absolutely look gorgeous on our bottles."
Progressive Labs
"The Kiaro! label printer allows us the flexibility to manufacture our products on the schedule we need."
A&J Bakery
"With the Kiaro!, I can print 500 labels in less than ten minutes… versus waiting up to 4 weeks for a pre-printed label order."
Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe
"We use the Kiaro! for the vast majority of our products. It is a huge benefit for us and has definitely helped us to save time and money."

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