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How Progressive Labs Prints their Own Supplement Labels

AstroNova visited Progressive Labs in Irving, Texas. It was so fascinating to visit another of our Kiaro! customers and to see the process of manufacturing high-quality dietary supplements, from the mixing to the encapsulating and tableting to the supplement bottle labeling.

Progressive Labs is a family-owned and operated company located in Irving, Texas that manufactures professional-grade dietary supplements. The company is GMP compliant, registered with the FDA, and licensed by the Texas Department of Health.

When we spoke, Progressive Labs’ employees surprised us by highlighting the simplicity of using the Kiaro! label printer (now the QL-120X), and its consistency and reliability. “With the Kiaro!, you hit the print button and it prints – first time, every time. And, you have a roll of finished labels that you don’t have to worry about,” said Ronald Labelle, Creative Director of Progressive Labs.

We were thrilled to see how excited they were about being able to make their own labels for dietary supplements and being able to offer special private label supplements for doctors and chiropractors.

Labelle told us how, along with some amazing mixing and encapsulating equipment they have for manufacturing supplements, they are very thankful to have the high-speed Kiaro! as their in-house labeling tool.

“The Kiaro! color label system really is a phenomenal system. It produces labels at a rate that I’ve never seen before,” said Labelle.

About Progressive Labs

Progressive Labs subjects all incoming raw materials to quality testing so they can ensure customers of the high quality of all of their ingredients. I was so impressed with how thorough they are in testing all of their raw ingredients to ensure the highest quality products going out to customers.

It was SO clean there too! I noticed employees in the manufacturing areas changing gloves after touching anything and not even touching doors with their hands as they walk through. It definitely topped my OCD housekeeping skills, and I don’t let people wear shoes in the house!

That is why you get to see this lovely picture of us getting ready to tour their facility. I especially like the beard covers that the guys had to wear! Do you think they look a bit like Santa or surgeons?

The people at Progressive Labs really care about helping others to be as healthy as possible. Larry Thompson, Progressive Labs President, said, “Our products are manufactured to help the body heal itself. We make sure we are always sourcing the highest quality, the highest grade of raw material possible, so we know that the finished product is of the highest quality we can possibly get.”

“We want our customers to understand that our products have been formulated by – and for – healthcare practitioners and they are designed to help their bodies without the side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.”

Why Progressive Labs Chose the Kiaro! to Print Supplement Labels

supplement labels

Progressive Labs has been a loyal QuickLabel customer, and has found success in owning a Zeo! color label printer and QLS-4100 Xe thermal label printer. This is why they were so excited to get the Kiaro! when it became available.

Greg Dragna, Director of Label Production at Progressive Labs, emphasized the productivity of the Kiaro!. “In the five months that we’ve had the Kiaro!, we’ve printed around 250,000 labels. When I first saw the Kiaro! running, I was pretty amazed by the speed of it,” he said.

The Kiaro! label printer is fantastic for printing a variety of labels quickly, making things much easier for companies with many different products that need to be labeled.

“We have 270 products we manufacture under our own label, and we print those labels in-house. The Kiaro! label printer allows us the flexibility to manufacture our products on the schedule we need,” said Thompson.

Now is your chance to see for yourself a tour of their fascinating vitamin manufacturing facility and their label printers and applicators hard at work getting labeled products ready to ship!

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