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Quick Fitting Prints Their Plumbing Labels

AstroNova visited a company called Quick Fitting nearby headquarters in Warwick, Rhode Island. Quick Fitting manufactures a “quick connection” plumbing and heating technology.

Their “Push to Connect” products provide a simple, safe, and cost-effective solution for connecting copper, stainless steel, PEX, and CPVC piping in plumbing and heating applications.

We were greeted by the CEO of Quick Fitting, David Crompton, Walter Tavares, Production Coordinator, and also Eric Sanches, Quick Fitting’s Production Manager. They immediately made us feel welcome and toured us around their entire building.

It was neat to see their facility and how the packaging process was completed. All of the employees working in the packaging room were playing their music loud, singing, and having fun while they got their jobs done. Definitely a great way to help the workday go by!

David led us to one of Quick Fitting’s nicely decorated board rooms, where Charles would conduct the first interview with him. I felt like I was on the set of a movie with so many hot lights, the microphone, and camera set up. Their interview went remarkably well, and then it was my turn to put my interviewing skills to the test. I had the pleasure of interviewing Walter, followed by Eric, and the outcome was very successful!

Quick Fitting supplies their connection products to retailers across the nation, which is where the Kiaro! label printer (now the QL-120X) comes into play most. With so many different connections and products, Quick Fitting needs plumbing labels printed for each different product. Therefore, Quick Fitting needed to find a durable label such as the Kiaro! to provide the quality, consistency, and durability that for which they were looking.

Prior to finding the Kiaro!, Quick Fitting ordered their plumbing labels pre-printed, and that didn’t always work for them. Retailer customers were always changing their label designs, they would run out of stock, or packaging standards would change; leaving them with wasted labels. With the Kiaro! label printer, Quick Fitting is able to print the correct plumbing labels that they need, when they need them.

Before Quick Fitting began using the Kiaro! label printer, if they were short labels for an order, they could not send the shipment out that day. So, they would need to expedite the pre-printed labels to their facility and wait until their arrival in order to ship out the products. Now, if they are even a few labels short, the Kiaro! will print as many or few labels necessary to complete the order.

Eric said, “When using the Kiaro! we actually get to see the labels printed right in front of us. If there are any mistakes in the label design, you get to fix them, right then and there… It cut our time by more than 80%.”

Walter printed some labels for us, showing just how simple and easy it is for him to produce labels on his Kiaro! label printer. You will be able to see just how he does it, along with the interviews, in our Quick Fitting video that will be released later this month.

The Kiaro! label printer has saved Quick Fitting a substantial amount of time and money, cutting costs by about 40%, according to CEO David Crompton. They are no longer waiting around for shipments, never waste labels, and the outcome is always exactly what they need. Watch the video below.

Check out Quick Fitting’s website to learn more about their Push-to-Connect technology and how you can utilize their products for your own plumbing and heating needs!


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