Effortlessly Design, Manage and Print Your Own Labels In-House

Download CQL Pro today for a free, full-featured 30-day trial!

CQL Pro is our advanced labeling software that allows users to easily design and print custom labels for color and monochrome label printers. Complete with Label Designer and Print Manager, users have the ability to create and edit label designs, design printer profiles, and easily monitor or create print jobs across any label printer model.

With a variety of new features and upgrades, CQL Pro provides users with improved flexibility and intuitive design capabilities.

Label Designer

  • Access label files across all printer models through the separation of printer and label design
  • Create or open multiple labels to generate variations quickly
  • Gain flexible image handling for transparency, RGB or CMYK images, and overlap behavior (mask, invert, merge, and knockout)
  • Easily import from a variety of image types including png, jpg, pdf, tiff, gif, etc.
  • Expand flexible field data sources with linking options to an external database
  • Choose from a wide range of available barcodes with live previews
  • Quickly access Field Properties for further customization
  • Effortlessly navigate design tools through new ribbon layout

Quickly design or edit labels with options to insert text, barcodes, logos, variable data, etc. in Label Designer.

Print Manager

  • Quickly print multiple jobs with different designs and varying quantities without interruption
  • Easily select, load, or create print queues with our new, intuitive drag and drop feature
  • Efficiently use new print job and printing management features, now consolidated into a single location
  • Automatically collate labels, choosing queue quantities as needed
  • Instantly preview labels before printing

Effortlessly build profiles for your devices in your print queue with the new drag and drop feature in Print Manager.

Printer Profile Manager

  • Easily set up printer profiles and label design parameters for each printer or media configuration
  • Create various printer setting configurations for using label formats across multiple printer models

Simply build profiles for each of your label printing systems in the Printer Profile Manager.

Label Converter: Easily convert label files and global counters from the legacy Custom QuickLabel application to CQL Pro.

Job Monitoring: Clearly monitor in-progress print jobs and perform printer maintenance such as printhead cleanings for inkjet printers.

Easy-Access Launcher: Quickly access shortcuts to Label Designer, Print Manager, recent designs, print jobs, and other software components.

Download CQL Pro today for a free, full-featured 30-day trial!