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Printing Professionals: Digital Printing Solutions in the Cannabis and CBD Industry Episode 03

The relatively new, highly-regulated, and rapidly growing Cannabis and CBD Industry represents a variety of opportunities and challenges for those responsible for product manufacture, packaging, and marketing.

Veteran packaging professionals Mike Corcoran, graphic designer; Eric Anderson, sales engineer; and Tory Williams, regional sales manager, lead you on an exploration of packaging on your terms in the Cannabis and CBD Industry with strategies on making in-house printing possible and reaping the benefits of printing your own packaging.

Join us on a wide-ranging discussion of topics specifically focused on the Cannabis and CBD Industry, including:

  • Managing labeling requirements to stay compliant with continually changing regulatory requirements across the variety of your products and multiple state lines.
  • Improving your packaging process, avoiding supply chain issues, reducing label inventories, and cutting costs to benefit your bottom line.
  • Achieving the high standards of label creativity and branding required to “pop” to successfully compete on the shelf for consumer attention.
  • Overcoming label and packaging media, materials, and substrates — from metals, velums, and other label materials to glass, plastic, corrugated, and flex packaging.
  • Dispelling the myth that printing labels in-house can be daunting. It’s not!
  • Accessing help from ANPI experts with bringing your labeling in-house, including creative label designs and materials, selecting a printer, designing the labeling process, complying with the industry’s strict standards, cutting costs — and more.

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