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Earth-Friendly Labeling

Eco-friendly labeling and packaging are becoming increasingly essential. More and more consumers have a vested interest in where their products are sourced from, including the packaging the products come in.

As consumers continue to hold companies responsible for sustainably sourced materials, expecting less waste and more earth-conscious decisions, you may wonder what solutions are out there regarding labeling.

Eco-Friendly Labeling Solution

GetLabels, AstroNova’s supplies business, has a few eco-friendly labeling material options. But, the best option on the market is their Hemp Paper material. With a makeup consisting of 25% hemp pulp and 75% post-consumer pulp, this material provides an organic, eco-friendly look and feel.
Additionally, this material features a permanent emulsion acrylic freezer-grade adhesive making it a suitable option for products requiring colder storage or usage.

Extra benefits?

Hemp is originally light in color, requiring fewer bleaching agents and chemicals to complete the final product. And aside from being friendlier for the Earth, hemp also offers superior quality.

Hemp paper is more durable, sustainable, and recyclable

Looking for Other Options?

If hemp paper isn’t the best solution for your application needs, you’re still in luck! GetLabels offers the industry’s widest variety of labeling materials and substrates, including several other environmentally friendly options. With the online materials finder, browse all the available options. Easily filter by industry and find the best match for your labeling needs!


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