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Mailcoms: Revolutionizing Custom Package Printing in the UK

Mailcoms started as an independent mailroom equipment and supplies business in the UK. Over the years, the company adapted to the changing mail and parcel fulfillment industry and pivoted to support e-commerce businesses with equipment, packaging, and supplies.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated industry changes, leading Mailcoms to supply packaging materials more than ever.

In response to the growing demand for personalized packaging, Mailcoms introduced a TrojanLabel T3-OPX and launched a dedicated website,, where customers can place full-color personalized custom print orders online.

The TrojanLabel T3-OPX: A Revolutionary Digital Packaging Printing System

Mailcoms introduced the TrojanLabel T3-OPX, a direct-to-package inkjet printing system, to fill the gap in the market for small quantities of boxes and packaging with core branding, messaging, and logos printed at a reasonable cost. The T3-OPX is a four-color, 1200 x 1200 dpi printer with a 1m-wide feed table and a print area of up to 297mm at a maximum speed of 27m/min. The machine is suited for wider packaging formats and short runs, making it perfect for Mailcoms’ customers, mainly comprised of SMEs passionate about their branding. The First Service of Its Kind in the UK

Mailcoms launched, a dedicated website that allows customers to place full-color personalized print orders online for boxes, bags, padded mailers, book mailers, and other printed items. Customers upload their artwork, approve single print samples of their order, and receive the order the next day if necessary.

Mailcoms’ customers have appreciated this capability, and their online reviews reflect how satisfied customers are with the product’s quality, price, and delivery times.

Expanding the Service to Meet Growing Demand

Mailcoms’ investment in the TrojanLabel T3-OPX and has helped the company bounce back lost revenues significantly since the decline in letter volumes caused by customers not visiting their offices as much during COVID-19. The company has since started to fill a much-needed gap in the packaging personalization market. They now offer short runs of full-color printed boxes that are affordable and quickly fulfilled. Since integrating the T3-OPX, the company has taken on extra staff and relocated into a newer, larger warehouse and print production center, allowing them to stock more products and quickly turn orders around, ultimately expanding its operation to meet the needs of customers.

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8733Mailcoms: Revolutionizing Custom Package Printing in the UK
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