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Printing Professionals: Digital Printing Solutions Episode 02

Explore packaging on your terms with strategies and stories on making in-house printing possible and reaping the benefits of printing your own packaging.
Hosted by veteran packaging professionals experienced in resolving various printing and packaging challenges, graphic designer Mike Corcoran, sales engineer Eric Anderson, and regional sales manager Rudy Bolanos.

Join us in a wide-ranging discussion of the advantages of direct-to-package digital printing in general and specifically, the T3-OPX wide-format direct-to-package printer, including:

  • Saving packaging and inventory costs —especially for short production runs
  • The durability of pigment inks (vs. dye-based) when product packaging for challenging environments — including food & beverage
  • High-resolution printing on environmentally friendly/recyclable packages and container materials
  • Offsetting supply chain delays by improving in-house processing and fulfillment
  • Enhancing the customer experience with on-package user information and promotions
  • Participating in frustration-free packaging and similar programs to reap e-commerce incentives
  • How commercial printers can add new business & customers with direct-to-package printing

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