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Printing Professionals: Episode 1

Explore packaging on your terms with strategies and stories on making in-house printing possible and reaping the benefits of printing your own packaging.

Hosted by veteran packaging professionals experienced in resolving various printing and packaging challenges — graphic designer Mike Corcoran, sales engineer Eric Anderson, and this episode, packaging solutions expert Joseph Quednau.

Join us in discussing topics that range from saving money to making money to saving time and creative freedoms that on-demand, in-house printing yields, including:

  • Impact on sales, sales revenues, margins, profits, and other critical financials
  • Testing product, marketing, and branding strategies while minimizing the capital investment
  • Creating ultimate unboxing experiences — especially for e-commerce customers
  • Customizing and personalizing labeling and packaging for products from gifts to medicines
  • Benefitting from contract manufacturing through private-label/white-label opportunities
  • Tapping the expertise of industrial printing professionals for insights into creative, technical, and best practices advantages

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