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Pump Up Production and Rapid Fulfillment

Located near Atlanta, Georgia, Vitalabs has successfully positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for private-label vitamins and supplements, offering over 250 stock formulas of Dietary Supplements, including tablets, capsules, powders, and gummies, available globally.

Like many businesses, Vitalabs found itself in need of increasing efficiencies and gaining control of its production process; the reliance and inflexibility of a third party were no longer feasible.

With customers ranging from Amazon retailers to shop owners, gyms, nutritionists, and doctors, they required a certain level of rapid fulfillment for rush orders and the ability to make labeling changes on demand. After over 40 years in the industry, they realized that working with a third-party created barriers and led to some inevitable inefficiencies; as operations expanded, the need for a reliable, on-demand solution increased.

The Perks of In-House Production

In the market for a more suitable labeling solution, Vitalabs was searching for something that would offer not only the ability to print on-site, where they had more control of the production process, but also something that offered durability, speed, and produced professional-looking labels.

Printing well over millions of labels a year, it was imperative that Vitalabs found a dependable labeling solution that could deliver.

Ultimately they decided on the Kiaro!, the QuickLabel QL-300, and the QuickLabel QL-850. Adding this lineup of tabletop label printers to their production allowed them to expedite printing for rush orders, implement last-minute label updates in real-time, and experiment with test prints for new projects. All without the extra costs and delays traditionally seen when working with a third-party printer; in some cases, this saved them weeks. They were able to do all of this and produce the high-quality labels their customers had come to expect.

The Printing Process

With a printing process requiring multiple steps, the ability to now oversee and control that process is a significant advantage. Brad Shull from Vitalabs explained, “We have eight artists who assist customers in developing their labels or implementing predesigned graphics for new products. The label graphics are designed to print best on one of our AstroNova printers, and we then offer a “match print” or “test print” printed on one of the AstroNova printers as a final approval process with the customer.”

“Once approved, the labels are produced for the actual production order and applied by one of the automated labeling lines.”, continued Shull.

Why AstroNova?

Aside from offering printing solutions that met the criteria Vitalabs required, AstroNova offered a wide variety of printers and label materials, making it “an easy task,” Shull stated.

In addition to the printing hardware, AstroNova also offers a wide variety of label materials, which means VitaLabs can offer its customers many options for their own labels.

“This is wonderful for customers that want to see different options and try new variations for their target market.”, said Shull. They’ve been able to offer various labeling options, ranging from metallic to gloss, matte, and kraft papers.

Within the variety of label options offered by AstroNova’s brand GetLabels, Vitalabs was even able to find top performers that fit the needs of most customers.

With unmatched quality, durability, and available options for both printers and materials, AstroNova was the obvious match for Vitalabs.

Looking to Print Labels In-House?

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7876Pump Up Production and Rapid Fulfillment
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