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Harness the Power of Traditional Large Production Printing

Harness the Power of the Traditional Large Production Printing Press In-House with the TrojanLabel T2 Label Press

If you think a reliable solution with flexible run sizes, zero downtime, and the highest print quality on the market sounds too good to be true, then it’s time to think again.

What impact could the power of a traditional large production label press in-house have on your product offering and bottom line? What was once a rhetorical question is now a very real one. Today, many label converters, brand owners and manufacturers, and professional printing houses are not only considering this question, but they are also finding answers. They are doing so with the adoption of AstroNova’s TrojanLabel® T2 label press.

The T2 is the first-ever high-volume tabletop label press capable of precise, consistent 24/7 production. It encompasses sizeable economic ink tanks and label roll capacities of traditional large production presses into a small footprint to fit into any size print workspace. Its modular design allows for print volume and speeds of printers many times its size. With the T2, businesses print vivid imagery on continuous or die-cut label materials and flexible packaging materials with various barrier options.

A Professional and Reliable Solution

Superior technology brings excellent ideas to life, as the innovative packaging company V-Shapes® discovered. V-Shapes strives to make life easier for consumers and improve their experience with products through packaging innovations. The company invented and patented a single-portion packaging solution that is opened with just one hand, making the packaging more user-friendly, hygienic, and efficient than the traditional single-portion packets on the market. The compact shape of the packets makes storage more efficient, cutting logistics costs and reducing bulk significantly, and packets make it easy to disperse 100% of the contained product, reducing waste.

The rapid response to the product validated V-Shapes’ understanding of the market’s need for such a packaging solution. It required V-Shapes to seek a printing solution to fulfill the volume of orders with the superior print and packaging quality customers expected. V-Shapes also wanted to offer clients the opportunity to decide the size, type of aperture, and graphic layout of their packets, to meet any need. As a professional and reliable solution with many unique features, the TrojanLabel T2 label press was the clear answer.

Watch the T2 in Action

Achieve Unique Printing and Packaging Demands

V-Shapes integrated the TrojanLabel T2 label press into its PRIME packaging machine, which applies a V-Shapes patented pre-cut on a 100% recyclable polypropylene semi-rigid lower layer. Then followed by exact dosing of liquid or semi-solid products ranging from hand sanitizer to honey and more. It then seals and cuts to form customized filled packets at up to 2,100 units per hour. The integration of the T2 delivers high-quality 1600 dpi printing in-line, using recyclable materials.

Integration of the T2 Label Press enables V-Shapes to successfully:

  • Print vivid imagery on continuous or die-cut label materials, as well as flexible packaging materials with a variety of barrier options, engaging only a single operator
  • Produce multiple separate output rolls from a single input roll with the use of built-in slitters, saving valuable time with no downtime between rolls
  • Calculate the total cost per label for any size print job with the user-friendly Trojan Control interface
  • Keep track of all images in the internal job library and queue up multiple prints
  • Utilize remote tech support to diagnose and solve any problem
  • Configure the frequency of mid-job maintenance, which takes approximately 10 seconds
  • Leave and return to perfect roll-ups with 100% consistent print quality
  • Calibrate electronically and adjust the height of the print head to print on thicker materials

CASE STUDY: How V-Shapes Uses AstroNova’s TrojanLabel T2 Label Press to Meet Production Demands for New Single-Use Portion Packet Technology

Increase Your Product Offerings and Bottom Line

Your unique needs require an outstanding, reliable solution, whether you are a label converter seeking to meet the demand for shorter runs, a brand owner or manufacturer with customer demands requiring in-house labeling, or a professional printing house exploring new opportunities.

Schedule a demonstration with AstroNova’s experts to learn how the T2 may solve your business needs and discover what impact the power of a traditional large production press in-house could have on your product offering and bottom line.


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