Navigator RIP

Customized Navigator RIP

The Customized Navigator RIP has been developed with the combined efforts of both TrojanLabel and Xitron. The Customized RIP Navigator will allow for a long line of pre-printed corrections.


  • Graphic Merge Tool: A simple variable data tool merging graphics onto a background image.
  • Color management: Includes three distinct color tools, ICC profiling, spot color editing and replacement, and global color adjustment ‘sliders’ (color edits can be saved into a database).
  • Imposition: Includes step & repeat as well as other common label positioning features with the ability to add trim and cut marks as desired.
  • Soft Proof viewer: Optional step allowing user to see the job after it has been ripped, prior to output (Macintosh or Windows compatible).
  • Client control and job management: Job tracking, re-queuing, color editing, copy count control, and more are available for both Mac and Windows users.


  • Variegator: Variable data tool supporting variable text, barcodes, graphics and colors.

Building a Simple Workflow

Linking Workflows

Editing an Existing Job

Using the Copy Action

Intro to PDF Tools

Spot Color Ink Remapping