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NiceLabel Desktop Suite: the total functionality of the entire NiceLabel family, including Designer Pro and PowerForms Desktop.

NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop: graphical application builder that allows you to design a custom user interface, as well as a label. Easily interface with bar code scanners, weigh scales, PLCs, print applicators and other hardware. It allows you to build front-end applications in less time than it would take to program them in a language such as C# and VB.NET.

NiceLabel Designer Pro: rich design tool with advanced design and layout tools such as curved text, paragraphs, line styles, grouping and shape fills. It comes with the latest pre-designed compliance label templates.

Designer Pro supports multiple databases, allows you to do SQL queries and supports mathematical expressions. Designer Pro also offers EasyForms, a basic custom interface builder.

NiceLabel Designer Standard: design tool for common label tasks including designing new label templates, generating barcodes and connecting to your existing databases (supports OLE/ODBC database formats).

You can also create basic concatenated fields. Designer Standard supports serial numbers, prompts, date/time stamps, linked fields and expressions which allow you to concatenate and manipulate fields and create composite variables such as serial numbers (decimal counting).

NiceLabel Designer Express: quickly and easily design labels to create text, barcodes, lines, boxes, shapes and images. You can also connect label fields to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets and simple ASCII text databases.

NiceLabel Print Only: ability to print from any version of NiceLabel® but does not allow labels to be edited or created.

Label Management Systems (on-premise): Design your labels easily, automate your labeling process, adapt to business requirements and internal systems, and accurately print compliant labels.

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud: Design, print, and manage in one centralized system. Manage changes easily, including fast implementation that reduces costs and frees up IT resources. Scalable for different size companies.

Download NiceLabel today for a free, full-featured 30 day trial!