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La Crema Coffee’s Prints Artistic Coffee Labels

La Crema Coffee Loves Printing Their Coffee Labels In-House

As I walked through the front doors of the pink and green painted building, I was enveloped in the smell of butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel coffee. This heavenly scent is otherwise known as freshly brewed Grumpy Grog from La Crema Coffee Company. One look at the colorful coffee labels and bright green packaging and I was sold.

La Crema Coffee Company in Hamilton, Ohio is a wonderful boutique coffee roaster with a wide variety of seasonal roasts and specialized packaging. Actually, they are rapidly outgrowing the “boutique” title since they roasted and sold over 500,000 pounds of coffee beans last year.

I had a great time meeting La Crema owner Melissa Flohn in person (finally!) and seeing for myself just how well La Crema Coffee is doing with their Kiaro! label printer (now the QL-120X). I was in awe of their unique, well thought out coffee product lines that make the perfect gift item, and had a chance to admire their seasonal coffee label designs for all of next year!

Melissa told me that the packaging of La Crema coffee is just as important as its taste because the packaging draws the customer in while the taste and quality keep the customer coming back. “The most important thing for packaging at retail is design and color. When I do a trade show, the first thing I hear when my customers say when they walk up to the booth is ‘oh my goodness I love all the color and look at the beautiful labels on that package,’” she said.

Their coffee label artwork is just that – artwork. That is why La Crema Coffee collaborates with artist Amy Gantt of Lula Bell Art and Designs. Amy loves knowing that her label artwork will be printed by the Kiaro! with nothing to hinder her creativity. She exclaimed that, “I know with the Kiaro! label printer, I don’t have to think about it. I know I can create artwork that I truly believe in and the Kiaro! printer will print it as I create it.”

Another benefit of owning the Kiaro! is its ability to print labels on-demand, as needed to fulfill orders. La Crema loves that they don’t end up over-purchasing coffee labels that will sit on a shelf for months, or waste labels if they change the artwork or product information.

Melissa explained that shipping fresh coffee and printing labels on-demand go together, saying, “We think it’s very important that coffee doesn’t sit on a warehouse shelf. Everything is roasted to order, when a customer orders their coffee we actually roast it, flavor it, and package it when the order is taken. The labels are even created when that customer orders.”

Not only does this keep them from having a stock of labels sitting around, but it also saves them money.

Melissa told us that the Kiaro! label printer is a winning combination of time and money savings. “The Kiaro! has saved us a lot of time and a lot of money. This is a really important thing for me: it doesn’t waste labels which is very very important.”

The ability of the Kiaro! to print without wasting even one label between batches makes Kiaro! owners happy because they know their savings will add up!

Melissa likes “the fact that QuickLabel has taken care of all of our needs. It’s actually a one-stop for us and when you’re running a business that’s very important. We make one call, whether it be a service call or to order supplies and it’s finished.”

I was thrilled to hear Melissa say that because as QuickLabel employees, we’re proud that QuickLabel  Systems is here to support Kiaro! owners in everything from hands-on product training to ordering labels and inks, to getting technical support assistance if needed.

Melissa sums up her 7 months of experience with the Kiaro! label printer this way: “We love the Kiaro! It is worth the investment. It’s going to save you time. It’s going to save you money. It’s going to achieve the colors you are looking for in your packaging. With beautiful packaging, your sales will definitely increase.”

If you like 100% Colombian coffee that looks as good as it tastes, you’ll love La Crema Coffee Company. To find out where you can buy La Crema coffee gifts, contact Melissa by email at, or by telephone at 513-779-6278.  You’ll love Lulla Bell Designs by Amy Gantt. Check out her design store here:

If you would like to enjoy the same sweet success that La Crema Coffee Company has, then contact us today to schedule an in-person demonstration of the Kiaro! in your factory or office!


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