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Loftware NiceLabel Announces Support for AstroNova’s QuickLabel Color Printer Product Line

Loftware and AstroNova are pleased to announce added support for AstroNova’s QuickLabel range of color printers.

Benefits to customers:

  • End users of QuickLabel printers can now benefit from printing under the NiceLabel and Spectrum labeling solutions.
  • Businesses can now use Loftware, NiceLabel, and Spectrum to design, integrate, manage, and print color labels using the QuickLabel color printer product portfolio.
  • Users get the most out of their printers by using NiceLabel and Spectrum, which optimizes print performance.
  • Loftware’s customers currently use NiceLabel and Spectrum as the software platform to manage all their supply chain printing requirements end to end, from suppliers, through inbound warehousing, production, packaging, finished goods warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Now they can add color label printing from QuickLabel to their print portfolio.
  • NiceLabel and Spectrum meet the demand of the modern supply chain for all devices, including color label printers, to be networked and integrated into a single platform.

What Color Does for Customers:

  • Many customers already use NiceLabel or Spectrum for printing monochrome warehousing labels- now they can benefit from labeling in color.
  • Loftware and AstroNova have collaborated in a series of technological improvements to ensure NiceLabel and Spectrum compatibility with QuickLabel QL-120 Series color label printers.
  • NiceLabel and Spectrum help customers to modernize the complex color label printing processes in the supply chain.
  • Companies making retail products can now use NiceLabel and Spectrum to design beautiful primary labels that enhance their product packaging and print them on the QuickLabel printers.
  • Many companies in the supply chain require visually vibrant color labels for branding and signage, including labels used for product, carton, and pallet labeling.
  • Emphasis on color labeling is especially vital in the food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods industries.

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