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The Surprising Way That 4 Businesses Reshaped Their Operational Success and Boosted Their Bottom Lines: Part 1

Through real-life business success stories, uncover why more and more companies are embracing in-house product and package label printing instead of outsourcing with online vendors. Explore the driving forces behind their strategic shift, from cost efficiency to customization to sustainability, and gain insights into how forethinking companies are seizing control to drive growth.

An increasing number of companies are bringing their product and packaging label printing operations in-house rather than relying on ordering pre-printed inventory from traditional or online third-party vendors.

Why? Firstly, for many, in-house label printing is the most convenient option. Additionally, factors such as ongoing inflationary pressures, market competition, advancements in in-house label printing technology, and uncertainties surrounding suppliers seal their business decisions to bring their label printing in-house and reap its benefits.

To illustrate, let’s examine the critical points that companies across various industries with diverse business, marketing, and packaging requirements have thoroughly evaluated. Through this process, they have re-evaluated their business cases and ultimately determined that in-house product and packaging label printing is the most favorable solution.

Two of the most compelling benefits for businesses of this transformative trend involve reigning in spiraling expenses while expanding the creativity boundaries of brand identification and product promotion.

It’s a Huge Benefit… and No Waiting

Outsourcing label printing may seem hassle-free, but often has a hefty price tag. Third-party printing services typically charge a premium, including setup fees, minimum order quantities, storage requirements, inventory waste, and shipping costs. On the other hand, investing in an in-house label printing system allows companies to eliminate these additional expenses in the long run. After the initial investment, the cost per label decreases significantly, resulting in substantial savings over time.

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe Sales & Marketing Director Karen Puglisi extolls the cost savings benefits of printing their product labels in-house. “It’s a huge benefit for us and has definitely helped us to save time and money… No longer do we have to buy 1000’s and 1000’s and 1000’s of any particular size label” to store as inventory on hand and potentially expire or become obsolete with a design change. Moreover, “If we have a special order from a customer… we can model it that day. There is no waiting for that label to be printed elsewhere.”

Be Bold… and Push It To The Limits

Maintaining quality control is paramount, especially regarding product labels. Outsourcing label printing puts companies at the mercy of third-party vendors whose quality standards may not always align with theirs. Any discrepancies in color accuracy, print resolution, or material durability can reflect poorly on the brand and compromise product integrity. By bringing label printing in-house, companies can closely monitor the printing process from start to finish, ensuring consistent quality and adherence to brand guidelines.

Tage Jusk, technical director at Lakrids by Bülow, explains that the company produces the best licorice in the world, a design item, and a luxury brand. So, packaging design is critical. “I think that the reason for our customers to go into our shop is the look of the product,” he states. Printing labels in-house on their QL-300 creates “perfect look” labels in their iconic design on the same day. His advice in favor of high-quality in-house label printing for others: “Be bold with your designs and push it to the limits.”

While the decision to shift label printing operations in-house is driven by compelling business factors such as cost savings and flexibility, the considerations don’t stop here. Companies taking in-house control of their label printing needs also realize additional factors directly related to production and operational efficiencies.

In Part 2, we’ll delve deeper into the remaining key reasons why in-house label printing is becoming the new norm for successful businesses.


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6950The Surprising Way That 4 Businesses Reshaped Their Operational Success and Boosted Their Bottom Lines: Part 1
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