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The Surprising Way That 4 Businesses Reshaped Their Operational Success and Boosted Their Bottom Lines: Part 2

Continuing our exploration of the business-focused trends driving in-house label printing, we uncover additional critical reasons businesses are making the strategic shift. Beyond our initial look (in Part 1) of cost savings and flexibility benefits, companies are finding profound benefits in three production-related vital areas: enhanced quality control, operational efficiency, and support of sustainability goals. Let’s dive deeper.

We Increased Sales… and Turnaround

In-house label printing provides companies with unparalleled flexibility and customization options. When outsourcing label printing, companies are often constrained by the vendor’s capabilities and turnaround times. Any last-minute changes or adjustments to label designs can result in delays and additional costs. However, with an in-house printing setup, companies have complete control over the printing process. They can easily make real-time adjustments to label designs, experiment with different materials and finishes, and quickly respond to market demands without relying on external vendors.

The flexibility and customization of in-house label printing help power the private labeling programs at nutraceutical manufacturer Progressive Labs. It “allows us the flexibility to manufacture our products on the schedule we need.”

We have actually increased sales as we have increased turnaround. The turnaround rates used to be several, several weeks,” says Ronald LaBelle, Creative Director. “And now the speed at which we can do things helps us to respond.” President Larry Thompson notes, “With the number of customers that utilize our private label services, it helps us to meet that need in the future.

Just in Time… plus Cut Costs by 40%

In today’s fast-paced business environment, speed is of the essence. Outsourcing label printing often entails lengthy lead times, as companies must wait for vendor approval, production schedules, and shipping timelines. This can be particularly problematic for time-sensitive projects or seasonal product launches. With in-house label printing, companies can expedite printing and drastically reduce turnaround times. Whether printing small batches of labels on demand or quickly replenishing inventory, in-house printing offers unmatched agility and responsiveness.

Quality and quickness are central concepts at Quick Fitting, a manufacturer of quick-connect plumbing fittings and valves. Deciding to print their product labels in-house achieves both those values. Quick Fitting’s customers, who are major retail store chains across the US, maintain strict packaging and labeling standards. “The quality of the labels we get in-house is as good, if not better, and more consistent than labels from outside,” states David Crompton, President & CEO. It also “allows us the flexibility that we didn’t have in the past.” Previously, running out of labels meant not completing a shipment. Now, “we simply walk over to the printer to print more labels,” and the order’s out the door. Moreover, printing “just in time” product labels in-house “cut our costs on labels by about 40%.”

Reusability and Recyclability Are Essential

As sustainability becomes a key focus for consumers and businesses alike, in-house label printing can contribute to environmental stewardship. Outsourcing label printing often involves shipping labels over long distances, increasing carbon emissions and environmental impact. Printing labels in-house minimizes transportation-related emissions and reduces their carbon footprint. Additionally, companies have more flexibility in choosing eco-friendly printing materials and practices and limit print runs to more manageable (and less wasteful) qualities, further aligning with their sustainability goals.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness continue to trend as a megatrend craved by consumers. Recent research has found that 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging, so reusable, environmentally friendly methods are increasingly becoming a high priority. Research has also indicated that consumers make purchasing decisions based on brand alignment with their values, and environmental responsibility is a core value for many consumers. Knowing consumers are increasingly conscious of a brand’s values and priorities, solutions for reusability and recyclability are now essential for brand image.

While initially, outsourcing label printing may appear to be the quick and easy option, in 2024, more and more businesses are recognizing that the benefits of bringing their product and packaging label printing in-house surpass the costs and limitations associated with third-party services.

From cost savings and flexibility to quality control and sustainability, in-house label printing empowers companies to take control of their printing needs and drive business growth.

With advancements in technology and shifting market dynamics, more and more companies are investing in in-house product and packaging label printing to provide them with a competitive edge and position their businesses for sustained future success.


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6811The Surprising Way That 4 Businesses Reshaped Their Operational Success and Boosted Their Bottom Lines: Part 2
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