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Label printers are essential tools in industries like manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare, as they can produce high-quality labels quickly and easily. Their versatility makes them valuable across diverse industries.

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Label printers are specialized equipment used to print on different types of media, such as sticky labels, tags, and stickers. Product labels provide consumers essential details such as ingredients, usage instructions, safety warnings, and branding elements using text, barcodes, logos and graphics.

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Inkjet label printers with water-based pigment ink
Inkjet label printers with water-based dye ink
Laser label printers
Thermal transfer label printers
Direct thermal label printers

If you plan to begin printing your labels in-house, it pays to put your label printer through its paces before making a purchase decision. These seven tips will help you to evaluate any color label printer.

Label printer functions and features

Here are some essential features to consider when choosing a label printer:

  • Print resolution: A higher resolution produces sharper, more detailed labels. Most applications require a resolution of 1200 dpi.
  • Print speed: Speed varies according to print resolution and label size.
  • Connectivity options: The most common options are USB and Ethernet for seamless integration into existing systems.
  • Label sized and types: It’s important to ensure that the printer can handle the required label size and support different label media types.

What are the advantages of a color label printer for your company?

When companies own a label printer, they benefit from manyadvantages:

  1. Cost savings: Avoid the costs associated with outsourcing label printing jobs to external service providers.
  2. Flexibility and adaptability: Quickly adapt label design and content to meet changing needs, new products or marketing initiatives
  3. Save time: Print labels immediately and save precious time waiting for external service providers.
  4. Quality assurance: maintain better control of the quality and brand conformity of their labels.
  5. Data protection and confidentiality: Keep sensitive information in-house and preserve the confidentiality of labeling data.

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Today, thousands of manufacturers, processors, and retailers around the world are increasing their sales revenue and profit margins by producing their own color labels in their factories and offices.

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